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The Department research activities are focused on decision support systems, management of future networks, data mining, knowledge management, optimization and multicriteria analysis.

Researchers from the Department have performed several research – as well as applicationoriented projects for network operators, related to data mining and also to planning and optimization of telecommunication networks.

Projects and achievements in 2013

  • Participation in the research project Information System Concerning Broadband Infrastructure and the "Broadband Poland" Portal SIPS. As the result of the Project, the Broadband Infrastructures System was built and tested. The System is meant for gathering, processing, presentation and making the information about telecommunication infrastructures, public telecommunication network and buildings accessible, enabling its collocation as well.
  • Participation in Future Internet Engineering – IIP research project. The Department was involved in designing and development of management system.
  • Differential Modelling for Use in Marketing and Biomedical Investigations (2010–2013). The aim of this project is to develop methods of differential modelling, which means modelling of differences between objects belonging to two groups: experimental (on which certain operation was performed) and of reference one (not influenced by this operation).
  • Interdisciplinary System of Interactive Scientific and Technical Information – SYNAT (2010–2013) conducted in the framework of Strategic Research Programme and applied by the University of Warsaw – Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, has been executed by the participants of SYNAT network. The aim of the project is to develop an integrated computer platform of the national system of scientific and scientific-technical information. The platform will enable realization of infrastructure development programs of scientific information resources, scientific and academic communication systems and simultaneously it will become the development base of integral structure of collecting, making available and developing national scientific and educational contents and documentation of cultural heritage. To obtain these goals, basic works, as well as associated development activities will be performed, leading to the implementation of substantial informatics solutions. In 2013, the work focused on new functionalities, including the support of the Polish language, ontological user profile aggregation and improved performance. Also the test scenarios were developed and the system was tested on selected group of users.

Competences and offers

The development of advanced information systems integrating telecommunication and information technologies, particularly referring to the following areas:

  • decision support systems, intelligent systems and knowledge management;
  • management of future networks;
  • data mining, data warehouses for telecommunications operators;
  • multicriteria analysis;
  • fundamentals of telecommunication and information technologies, including mathematics application.


Head of Department: Janusz Granat, PhD

Phone: (+48) 22 5128 303

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Secretary: Ewa Brzostek, MSc

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