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The Department performs scientific, research and development works on infrastructure of telecommunication networks and information society services, mainly related to:

  • planning and organizing of deployment of telecommunications network infrastructure
  • which supports deployment of broadband platforms;
  • operation, administration and maintenance of telecommunications networks;
  • deployment of Next Generation Access (NGA) networks;
  • security of networks and services;
  • network addressing;
  • parameters at the transmission level and quality of service;
  • convergence of networks and services;
  • digital, IP and interactive television, Hybrid (HbbTV) Television, Second Screen services;
  • co-operation with the Ministry of Administration and Digitization and the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) in the areas of regulation and deployment of infrastructure for broadband access and information society in Poland;
  • testing of devices and systems applied for listed above works.


  • Information System Concerning Broadband Infrastructure and the “Broadband Poland” Portal – SIPS project, (2009–2013) conducted in co-operation with the Office of Electronic Communications and the Ministry of Administration and Digitization. As the result of the Project, the Broadband Infrastructures System was built and tested. The System serves to gather, process, present and make the information about telecommunications infrastructures, public telecommunications network and buildings accessible, enabling its collocation as well. Moreover, special reports were released containing opinions about legal acts being prepared by the Parliament and Government, and two procedures elaborated – the first one on the collection of information about broadband infrastructure and broadband services intended for use by network operators and service providers, and the second one describing visual presentation of this information on digital maps. Based on the developed System, the third report on the coverage of Poland with telecommunications infrastructure was drafted in 2013.
  • Monitoring System for Telecom Infrastructure – SMIT (2012–2014), run with Asseco Poland PLC. This project is aimed at the development of versatile, centralized monitoring system for telecom plant (cable lines, manholes, street cabinets, base stations of mobile networks, etc.), capable of automatic detection of cable cuts, facility break-ins and slowly-developing failures by means of advanced data analysis software. SMIT system is communicating with Supervision Center over IP data network. The system also includes electronic sensors deployed in unmanned facilities, used for detection of break-ins, attempts of cable theft, flooding, extreme temperature, explosive gas, etc. Events recorded by the system are displayed on maps and memorized in database. Thesystem is being tested by Orange Polska and can be adopted to monitor other kinds of facilities as well.The project was executed jointly by Z2 and Z14 Departments.
  • Development of method of automatic acquirement and real time presentation of content from local service suppliers, distributed in networks of interactive digital television – LDUiTV (2011–2013). The aim of the project was development of a new low cost method, which enables wide introduction of interactive TV services to be used by medium, small and micro companies, and in this way by significant groups of citizens. The solution developed uses cloud services to gather and distribute interactive data. Watchers are able to drill down information or to order goods directly while watching a TV program. New playout with special cloud-based graphical editor to precisely synchronize TV program with real-time interactive content was prepared. Demonstrations were shown on CeBIT 2013, PIKE 2013 and other conferences. Continuation of works realized in the completed project, mainly tests of developed system in local cable network, is expected to be carried out in the first half of 2014. The project is realized by NIT in co-operation with 4vod Ltd, Kraków.


  • Silver Medal for the development of System of monitoring and protection of cable telecommunications network during Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies – Archimedes in April 2013.
  • Special Distinction for the development of System of monitoring and protection of cabletelecommunications network by the Chinese Innovation and Invention Society (Taiwan) during MoscowInternational Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies – Archimedes in April 2013.
  • Participation in CeBIT 2013 as a member of national stand, with demonstration of applications developed for interactive television and digital infrastructure mapping, live HDTV streaming and footage production from the stand.
  • Bronze Laurel Wreaths, awarded by the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (NOT) to SMOK-3 – a System for Monitoring of Telecommunication Cable Networks during Stanisław Staszic 2013 Innovative Products Competition, Warsaw, November 2013.



Head of Department: Dariusz Gacoń, MSc

Phone:           (+48) 22 5128 121

e-mail:           This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Secretary: Kazimierz Wilczek, BSc

Phone:  (+48) 22 5128 238

Fax:     (+48) 22 5128 625

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