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The main aims of Central Chamber for Telecommunications Metrology (CCTM) activity are to provide measurement traceability and to conduct research on new and more accurate measurement and calibration methods. CCTM consists of the following teams:

  • Basic Parameter Metrology Team, which works on the metrology of basic parameters, such as DC&AC, LF voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, inductance, impedance and power and also on automation of measurement systems;
  • Telecommunication Parameters Metrology Team, which works on the metrology of RF and microwave signals and also on transmission parameters of telecommunication networks (PDH/SDH, Ethernet, SONET etc.);
  • Optoelectronic Metrology Team, which works on optoelectronic metrology of such parameters as optical power, wavelength, chromatic and polarization dispersion, optical attenuation and optical fiber length;
  • Time and Frequency Metrology Team, which conducts works in the scope of time and frequency metrology, especially the implementation of atomic clocks comparison algorithms, and determines timescales, accurate measurements of frequency, time, phase time, interval, TIE.

CCTM cooperates with Warsaw University of Technology in the research related to fiber Bragg gratings for telecom and sensing applications, and with the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology in phase mask technology for FBG fabrication as well as with the Institute of Applied Optics in the area of modelling and design of diffractive optical elements for optics and photonics.

An important research area is the participation in International Atomic Time – TAI and Polish Atomic Timescale – TA (PL) and implementation of new algorithms for TA (PL). This work is carried out in cooperation with numerous research partners, such as Central Office of Measures (GUM), AGH University of Science and Technology, former Telekomunikacja Polska, Central Military Calibration Laboratory (CWOM) and Polish Academy of Sciences, Space Research Centre, Borowiec Astrogeodynamic Observatory (CBK).

Within the Central Chamber for Telecommunications Metrology are the following units:

  • Calibration Laboratory: Laboratory of Electrical, Electronic & Optoelectronic Metrology (LMEEiO), which has accreditation certificate issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation (AP 015);
  • Proficiency Testing Organization: Unit of Interlaboratory Comparisons, which has accreditation certificate issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation (PT 001).

Participation in projects

The Time and Frequency Team has finished the research project of National Science Centre Research and development of atomic time standards ensembles algorithms in Database for TA(PL) (2011–2013). The main task of the project was to develop and implement in database new timescale algorithms for TA (PL).

Achievements in 2013:

  • Participation in International Atomic Time – TAI and Polish Atomic Timescale – TA (PL).
  • New algorithms implemented in Database for TA (PL).
  • 10% increase in calibration services performed with respect to the previous year.

Offered services

  • CCTM is open for cooperation with anyone interested in improving measurement accuracy and reliability. Its competences are proven by customers and also by the Polish Centre for Accreditation.
  •  CCMT can offer calibration service of a wide scope of electronic measurement equipment in its laboratory and on-site. The development of automated measurement systems according to customer requirements is also an important part of the activity. CCTM full-scale measurement facilities would be helpful in R&D activity performed for the clients.
  • In terms of R&D activity of Optoelectronic Metrology Group, CCTM offers cooperation in the field of basic and applied research in optics and photonics. In particular, our team has experience in the area of fibre optic measurements as well as design of photonic and diffractive optical elements, especially periodic structures (such as photonic crystals, FBG) and their applications in telecommunication and sensing.


Head of Department: Anna Warzec, BSc

Phone: (+48) 22 5128 407

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Secretary: Bożena Główka

Phone: (+48) 22 5128 383

Fax:     (+48) 22 5128 492

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