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The activities of the Department are related to the applications of electronic communication technologies (including special systems) for the state administration, public safety and rescue services. The detailed areas of interest, among others, include the following:

  • available technologies, unique systems and devices of electronic communication systems;
  • computer tools for communication systems analysis, design and testing;
  • operation of electronic communication systems and cooperation of public and special purpose electronic communication networks;
  • characteristics and quality of telecommunications and postal services;
  • security of information, systems and communication networks, including special purpose networks;
  • power supply and power systems devices, especially batteries of energy storage systems;
  • smart grid, control and renewable energy power sources.

Participation in projects:

  • NIT takes part in the project within National Research and Development Centre Applied Research Program named: PCL effect early recognition in lead batteries for reliability extension of backup power supply systems – AKUPCL. Project execution time: 2012–2015.
  •  The project deals with early symptoms of a phenomenon specified as premature capacity loss (PCL) in some lead battery cells. The main research target is to work out a new efficient diagnostic method of PCL effect. It shall drive to reliability extension of lead battery based backup power supply systems.
  • Further development of AWP-IŁ system. The system of NIT's authorship, functional development and operations, is a countrywide system for telephone calls quality measurement, used by the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) for law enforced tasks in the area of telecommunications services quality provided by operators. The system, continuously extended and improved since 2000, consists of ca. 800 measurement probes.
  • Preliminary works on Intelligent Transport Systems National Architecture
  • project in cooperation with Motor Transport Institute.
  • Preliminary works on SmartGrid concept applications in cooperation with several academic and industrial centres.
  • Contribution to Polish and international standardization activities in postal services area, including CEN TC 331 Postal Services.

Achievements in 2013

• The EU PO IG 1.3.1 project New generation device for testing of VRLA batteries in telecom power supply systems was awarded in National Innovation and Development Leaders Challenge Edition 2012.

• Mobile testing laboratory of electronic communication services functions and quality for command and communications teams (MLB) received the title of

• Market Leader in Poland and was distinguished with EURO LIDER 2013 title.

• The Institute was granted four elaborated in Z10 Polish Patents in the field of measurement technology and power supply devices for telecommunications.

Competences and offers

The Department's offer includes:
  • analysis, evaluations and surveys of solutions, possibilities and directions of electronic communication systems development;
  • elaboration of proprietary solutions of methodologies and procedures for the investigation of telecommunication services characteristics and quality;
  • design and implementation of computer systems and tools for analysis and testing of communication systems;
  • design of measurement devices and special equipment applicable in operation and testing of communication systems;
  •  execution of telecommunication services quality inspection, among others using own solutions of control and measurement systems and devices;
  • implementation, maintenance and development of proprietary solutions.


Head of Department: Bogdan Chojnacki, BSc

Phone:           (+48) 22 5128 169

e-mail:           This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Secretary: Grażyna Stolarska

Phone:    (+48) 22 5128 187

Fax:          (+48) 22 5128 185

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