In 1999 two modern magazines were launched (replacing the three published before): Telekomunikacja i Techniki Informacyjne (Telecommunications and Information Technologies) and Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology. Both magazines relate to similar topics, but they differ from each other not only by the language of publications: Telekomunikacja i Techniki Informacyjne (in Polish) has a more technical profile, while Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology (in English) - a more scientific one.

In 2006 a new Biuletyn Informacyjny Instytutu Łączności reappeared (on-line only). Each issue focuses on one particular problem important to information society and telecommunications.

In 2009 stated Raporty (Reports). They concentrate on the latest development in to information society, regulatory issues, development of telecommunication and postal markets, internet and transportation.

In addition, as a result of research work every year around 200 publications are prepared in the Institute, including monographs, articles published in domestic and foreign magazines as  well as papers presented on conferences. The Institute is also involved in publishing specialized books on sector topics.

The National Institute of Telecommunications has been engaged in publishing beginning from 1954. The following three magazines were being published between 1954 and 1999:


  • Prace Instytutu Łączności (Works of the National Institute of Telecommunications) with contained papers presenting original achievements of the Institute's researchers (over 100 booklets were issued);
  • Biuletyn Informacyjny (Information Bulletin) in which topics related to important, new and prospective issues of telecommunications were reviewed (over 300 booklets were issued);
  • Przegląd Dokumentacyjny Łączności (Telecommunications Documentation Review) where more important, selectively chosen books, articles and documents of international standardization institutions in the area of telecommunications were summarized (over 300 booklets were issued).