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Telecommunication Equipment Testing Laboratory perform tests according EN standards, recommendations or following customer requirements and his test plan.

Tests results can be used to assess conformity to essential requirements with respect to:

  • the protection of the health and the safety of the user and any other persons
    (Directive 1999/5/EC Article 3 1.a) and/or Directive 2006/95/EC (LVD));
  • the electromagnetic compatibility
    (Directive 1999/5/EC Article 3 1.b) and/or Directive 2004/108/EC (EMC)
  • the effective uses the radio frequency spectrum and orbital resources
    (Directive 1999/5/EC Article 3 2.)

 The compliance of tested equipment with all relevant essential requirements shall be declared in an "EC" Declaration of Conformity (DoC) issued by the manufacturer or by his authorized representative in the European Union.

znak-ceThe compliance with all applicable EC directives is denoted by placing the "CE" mark on equipment, on its packaging, if any, and in the accompanying documents.

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