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Written by Administrator | Monday, 26 July 2010 12:11   

We are a leading, independent, national research & development institution specializing in telecommunications and information technology.
We serve purposes of the development of information society and knowledge-based economy.
We provide a scientific, research and technical support to any institutions of the state.
We perform works used in practice by entities operating in the market.

  • Our research activities are focused on development of science and practical application of our research results.
  • We define autonomously our research strategy in the field of telecommunications and information technology. That strategy is consistent with assumptions of the national and European economic and research policy.
  • Knowledge we acquire and the quality of any researches we perform enable us to achieve and maintain a leading position in the domestic and European market.
  • We are an element of the Polish scientific environment. That obliges us to perfection in scientific activities and application of good practices.
  • We are an independent organization and we hold a neutral position in relation to any stakeholders.
  • We use a public funding, taking care of its proper utilization and settlement. In addition we generate income from commercial sources conducting among others experts', educational and service activities.
  • Customer satisfaction is one of key indicators of our success. Any information obtained from customers and results of any works performed for them are treated as strictly confidential.
  • Thanks to transformation of scientific achievements into useful innovations we contribute to development of the economy and growth of its competitiveness.
  • We cooperate with research organizations and institutions thus contributing to integration of the scientific environment. We actively participate in creation of the European Research Area.
  • We take an active part in a dialogue between the scientific environment and the general public. We participate in debates referring to areas of research in which we are active or able to contribute significantly.
  • We take care of our scientific, professional and personal development. Any thus obtained knowledge we use for good of the Institute.
  • We build good mutual relations. We take care of integration of our employees.
  • Delegation of duties and responsibilities guarantees a freedom of work. Any decisions are presented in an open and clear way.
  • We have an opportunity to meet with the management and to discuss our professional and personal problems.
  • We treat the environment protection as our inherent duty.
  • We fulfill any industrial safety - related requirements.